Jordan Dashner

Jordan grew up in the chilly and very salty seclusion of East Coast, New Brunswick. Coming from that remote area of the world, his first camera involved him looking at the ocean, slowly blinking his eyes and making a shutter sound.

Later in life, Jordan began writing and directing theatre, helping performers tap into the essence of a character and the soul of a script. He quickly developed a knack for storytelling, which evolved into a career of writing, performing, and directing plays that toured across Canada.

Eventually, Jordan gave up his salty isolation and moved to Toronto to explore a life in film. He found his way into creative commerce and spent three years as a Director in Residence at Cossette Communications, honing his process and interacting with brands like McDonald’s, General Mills, and Intact Insurance.

Despite the pressure of the big city, he has kept his Maritime storytelling sensibilities- finding interest and humor in the darkest of places and the most hopeless of situations.