Mark & Spencer

New York-based directors Mark Smith and Spencer Dennis met at a bus station in Sarajevo in 2005 (long story)

They bonded over a shared love of cinema, music, photography, and design. Since joining forces as a directing duo in 2014, they’ve developed their filmmaking voice together. As they continue to evolve as creators, they seek out stories that explore truth, originality, and social good.

Working with both real people and experienced actors, Mark & Spencer are able to bring out performance that feel natural and real. This has lead to successful campaigns for iconic brands including AT&T, Adidas, Jack Daniel’s, eBay, MTV, and Lincoln to name a few. In addition to commercial work, they collaborate with many non-profit organizations, most recently directing a global campaign for Doctors Without Borders.

Before directing full-time, both Mark and Spencer spent time as professional editors for commercials and music videos. This background informs their style, leading to films with a holistic conceptual approach and structure. They still love to cut their own work when they have the time.

In 2014, M&S founded Brooklyn-based creative production company Curfew. Collaborating with both emerging and veteran filmmakers, Curfew is a creative hub dedicated to pushing filmmaking into the future and inventing new ways to tell stories.

When they’re not doing film stuff, Mark plays ice hockey and Spencer hugs his sheepdog.